Massage Prague

We offer professional massage and recovery in a restful and pleasant environment in the centre of Prague.

Opening hours:
Tuesday   16.30 - 20.30
Thursday   16.30 - 20.30
Booking in advance needed.
(We receive bookings by phone and e-mail, please see contacts below.)

Massage and Therapy Menu


Final price is based on the length of procedure.
Cumulated discounts are not availible, the highest discount applies.
When paying by Sodexo Pass, Accor Service or Benefit Plus do not give discounts.
All prices include VAT.

10% price deduction while taking prepaid ticket for 8 selected procedures!

We don’t offer erotic massages!!!

You can also pay in EUR (Czech National Bank exchange rate)

Please contact us:

Mgr. Jana Dolejší
Křivoklátská 302
Praha 18 – Letňany
199 00

Phone number:   +420 737 561 231


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